Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013 - Grace Update

I haven't blogged about  anything Grace in awhile so I thought I would do an update today.  We really have a big girl on our hands these days. 

(Note:  Blogs like these are more for me than for you.  Feel free to pass this one up if the dirty details of a 4-year old aren't that interesting to you!)

Turning four was pretty huge for Grace.  She is physically a lot bigger than she used to be (which of course is supposed to happen, but for someone who was overly small for a long time this is very good news), which I think you can see in her newly rounded face especially.  She has grown about 3.5 cms since January (that's more than an inch!), which is a lot!  She is 39.5 inches tall (33rd percentile) and weighs 30 lbs. (7th percentile).  Remember when she wasn't even on the growth chart?
She doesn't eat huge portions, but she does eat 3 meals a day (obviously eating more when she really likes something a lot, just like other kids.), especially a great lunch at school.  Her favorite food is spaghetti with meat sauce.  She still likes fruits and veggies like carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, maize (corn) and broccoli.  Ice cream, cookies, cake and candy are popular choices for a Saturday treat - but she talks a good game and never eats very much of any of them (regardless of how much she wants them!).   She still naps 4 or 5 days a week (thank you, God, for this small gift); I know that is not so common with 4-year olds but she really still needs it.  Her worst moments in terms of behavior and whining (ahhhh) come when she is exhausted in the evening and hasn't napped.  

She has an active social life with play dates on the weekends with many different friends.  Her original group of girlfriends remains in tact, but she plays a lot with some other kids at school which is great since one of the big girls is moving home and another is going to a different school next year. She is particularly fond of a little Norwegian girl named Maya. On Monday afternoons she goes to  a little dance class and on Fridays she has a swimming lesson.  She loooooves to swim now (finally!) and is getting closer and closer to having her wings off.  It is such a joy to watch her joy in the water!  

Grace can be very thoughtful but is also testing boundaries.  We have been talking lately about doing the right thing or the wrong thing, hoping that she can learn the difference in various situations.  She adores her brother, but he is testing and pushing her a lot these days (more on him in my next blog), which is hard for her to get used to.  She is good at keeping up with what is going on with different people (so and so was sick...or his mama is away for work...or she was bitten by another kid...etc.) and is inquisitive for lots of grown up details (what are you talking about? what did you tell Far?  etc).  And sometimes the things that come out of her mouth just totally make me smile.  This morning I heard,  when Noah did not want to listen to the book she wanted to "read" to him, "I do not understand why you are being so grumpy this morning!" She also loves to try and "teach" him by asking him questions. "Noah, are you supposed to color on the walls?  No you are not.  Tell me.  Are you supposed to do that?....No, I said, you are not."  
She continues to love books and counting and drawing and puzzles...and is very good at pretend play. Her TV is limited to every other day, which is a great policy because sometimes she forgets to ask if it is a TV day and will then go 2 or 3 days without watching anything.  She continues to be very interested in and strong in languages.  At school she is speaking quite a bit of Norwegian and Swedish in addition to her fluent Danish.    Also one of the funniest things she said to me recently was, "Mama, I am really disappointed in you that you do not speak Norsk (Norwegian)."  Sheesh!

We had a small scare last week when Grace very suddenly had a horrible headache at school.  She was screaming in pain and I had to go get her.  As I was bringing her into the doctor's office her eyes rolled back and she went limp in my arms.  She wasn't out for more than a second but it scared the bleep out of me for sure.  The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with her, and after some Tylenol and a 3.5 hour nap she was much better.  We are hoping it was an isolated event but I do still feel a little bit on edge after the whole thing.  

She remains in preschool until the end of June (thank you for their extended 3 week calendar this year!) and then we'll have to come up with how to keep her busy for 6 weeks of vacation before school starts again in August.  We have no travel plans this summer and hope to enjoy the BEST weather Dar has to offer during July.  Next year some of her friends are moving on to preschool or kindergarten at the international school, and quite a few kids from school are moving away as well (darn those expats!), but we decided to keep Grace at the Nordic School to benefit from the language and culture as long as possible.  
Kristoffer hates blog posts like this because he thinks I am just bragging about our kids.  That is not my intention - I am mostly just DOCUMENTING and hope that someday when she is all grown up she enjoys reading a bit about her early years.  We are so lucky that this sweet girl is ours!


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Unknown said...

Doesn't sound like you are bragging at all, you put as much detail into the beautiful things about them as you do to the not so nice characteristics.

- Paloma