Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16, 2013 - Boston

In a big family, people can be really different from each other.  They might drive each other crazy, they might disagree about everything, they might not even like each other, they might fight like cats and dogs.  In any family, even. Big or small.  But when your chips are down, people in your family are the ones who stand up for you, who hold on to you.  They become you.  

So it is in America.  During times of trouble, America is like one big family, despite it's incredible diversity.  And Americans stand up for and hold on to each other.  When something happens in New York, we all become New Yorkers.  When something happens in Newtown, we all live in Newtown. 

Today we are all from Boston.  We are all marathon runners or spectators.

Boston is a little place with a big personality.  A place where I have lived and studied and went to my first concerts and performances and fallen in love and had surgeries and eaten the best clam chowdah and seen my favorite art and danced until my feet hurt and celebrated my friends and watched marathons and fireworks and became a sports fan even though I don't like sports. And I am homesick for it today.  Grateful for the safety of my loved ones, but so so deeply sad for those who were killed, injured, or traumatized. 

Today we are all from Boston. 

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