Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13, 2013 - Safari Day 5 Photos: Heading Home

On Friday the 5th we left Ngorongoro crater and began the journey back to Dar.  Noah and I were dropped off at the airport at some point, and the others drove on...sleeping over somewhere (not worth mentioning where) halfway home and eventually arriving back in Dar Saturday afternoon.  It was a BIG week for all of us:  kids were great in the car for so many hours and mostly only melted down in the evenings from pure exhaustion; our visitors got so lucky with all of the game they saw and had some truly "African" experiences along the way; Kristoffer and I had an amazing experience together  in the balloon and also really enjoyed being on safari again.  Truly a great week.  But before we finished, there was this:

A Farewell Baboon.  
We drove back over the bridge from Monday.  This is the river that we crossed.
This is where the bridge rails were destroyed (same on both sides).
This was the road behind us.  Obviously the next time it rains heavily the road will be flooded again.  Would be great for the government to build a proper bridge! Especially since they lose MONEY from tourists who get stuck there and tell all their friends not to go!
Finally, our excellent guide Lymo with his little group of Danish clients.  He was great!

And THAT ends our family safari of 2013.  Does it make you want to come visit and do it with us next time?  My new suggestion for a Tanzanian tourism tagline is, "Tanzania: Something for Everyone".


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