Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013 - Safari Day 4 Photos: Ngorongoro Crater

The amazing thing about the crater is that almost all animals are in there, and it is fairly open with not a lot of thick bush to hide them.  So you see everything out in the open.  There are no giraffes or leopards, but we saw them in the Serengeti so it wasn't a problem.   We really had an excellent few hours driving around inside seeing great game.  Here's a sample:

We found a cheetah on our way to the crater.  There were actually 3 but they were hard to see in the tall grass (thanks to so much rain this season).  This one was peeking up, and then went back to sleep.
And some lounging lions on our way out of Serengeti.
Also on our way to the crater, thousands of wildebeest!
Also on our way to the crater, "na na nee boo boo".
The crater from above.
Driving 600 meters down.
We saw this old man on our way down.
He was trying to cross the street so had to go in front of this truck.  So close!
 Brilliant color!
Game Watcher!
 Lots of buffalo.
Cool birds!

(is it a gaggle or a flock of ostrich?)
Trying to look out from the inside.
Alert hyena.
 Sleeping hyenas.
With a baby hyena!  First time seeing a cub, and definitely the most hyena we've ever seen.

We ate lunch (in our truck) by a small lake with this guy and his friends.
Rest stop.

Lazy Boy.
Up close.
Sleeping Beauty.
This guy looked up for just a second, and I caught it!
And the moment you've all been waiting for, rhinos!  There were 4 in the distance and we watched them walk closer and closer for quite some time, just eating all the way.  Awesome!

 Then we drove back up to our lodge.  All of these rooms look down into the crater.
 The view.

So sad that there was only one day left after this.  What a great day, though.  I never imagined the crater would be so beautiful!


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Sarah said...

Insane!!! So unbelievable. Great shots, Lis!! Maura has been loving the Lion King lately (except for the Scar parts) so this is like seeing it in real life. Thanks for the peak!!