Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13, 2013 - DG3

Peter, our new day guard, is great. Compared to our previous 2 day guards....he really does his job. He denies people at the gate if we haven't told him they are coming (2 friends have so far called me to have me tell him on their cell phones that they are allowed in). He won't even take Rose's word for it! He writes in a big ledger every time anyone comes or goes from the compound. And he is much quicker at the gate then the last guard (who would often keep us waiting to be let in for 5 minutes...and what was he doing all those times??). He seems to take his job seriously.

We really like him.

Although I did catch him napping a bit during the day yesterday.

And he already asked Kristoffer for a (small, at least) loan.

So it's not 5 stars all the way. But even 3 or 4 stars is a big improvement!


erica @ to the sea said...

Hahaha I giggled at this... They all nap, don't they? And ask for loans.

Joanna said...

You guys are going to be so (pleasantly) surprised if/when you move back to the States and various personnel DON'T ask for loans. Like, everyone will get five stars just for being awake and not borrowing money! Love this, I laughed too, in a not-having-experienced-it way. :-) (And congrats on the upgrade!)