Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 28, 2013 - Changing of the Guard

Word on the compound lately has been that our Day Guard (DG) has some character traits and behaviors to be concerned about.  We've never been 100% comfortable with him and there have been a few issues that have raised our eyebrows.  But we could never prove anything and wanted to give him a chance.  Same with the new concerns: can't prove anything, but that queasy feeling in our stomachs has been getting stronger.  Luckily we learned this week that many security companies rotate their guards every 6 months as a matter of policy, so that nobody gets "too comfortable", if you know what I mean. We used this new knowledge to request a similar policy with our security company.  And so without having to explain our suspicions about the DG, we got a new DG today.  His name is Peter, and I like to think of him as DG3 (you can be reminded about what happened with our first DG here).

Let's see how it goes with Peter.  Maybe third time's a charm?  We'll give him 6 months to find out.

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