Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013 - Almost Four

Yesterday was Grace's 4th Birthday Party!  It was a great success, which we knew because as we ate dinner last night Grace recounted all of her favorite moments from the day with true joy and gratitude.  Grace's party theme was Hello Kitty/Hearts (made possible by Target and Michael's when we were in the US!). Even though Grace likes and plays with most of the 24 kids in her class, we decided to keep it small (for the benefit of the birthday girl) and just invited the little group of 4-year-old girls. So we had 6 guests for 2 1/2 hours and invited their parents to come for another half hour at the end to have a drink with us in celebration of Grace.  We were grateful to have Rose and Kennie on hand to help the party go smoothly.

The day started off a bit rocky, as Kristoffer and I were both hit with food poisoning 12 hours before the party was to start.  We didn't sleep much during the night or feel very energetic during the day, but we rallied on behalf of Grace and hopefully nobody ever knew we were not at 100%.  The only thing that might have greatly suffered was our picture-and-video-taking.  I didn't catch all the great moments, but here are a few.
Lunch table for 8 kiddos? Check!
Birthday Girl (and her brother) dressed and relaxing before party time? Check!

To begin with, there was lots of jumping on the bouncy castle.
And then, there were freeze pops :)
The "craft" portion of the party - which actually turned out to be the main event - involved everyone making a necklace or bracelet and then decorating her own jewelry box for it.  We also had some heart ornaments to be decorated as well.  The girls were so focused on their projects and had a great time.

 Next came a full lunch.  Grace's favorite?  Spaghetti with meat sauce and cheese and broccoli.
We planned for a dance party but there wasn't too much time for that.  After a little bit of free play, the kids got to decorate their own heart-shaped cupcakes and we sang Happy Birthday to Grace in English and Danish.   

At the of the party there was an obstacle course (designed by Far, but sorry no pictures!) around our house AND Grace's favorite teacher, Inge, stopped by as a surprise for the birthday girl.  What a treat!
Grace's biggest request was for very special goodie bags.  We delivered on that, personalized and all with everything Grace wished for.  But no pictures of them :(  As the party started to wind down, she and the girls were full and happy and tired.
And she had a sweet moment of calm with her Far (who might be looking just a bit nostalgic that his Simba-baby is such a big girl now! Why do you think I'm behind the camera?!).

And so, tomorrow is her real birthday.  I said to her this morning, "Grace, it's your last day to be 3!  Is there anything you want to do before you are 4?"  You know what she said? "No, Mama!  I'm ready!"

Sigh. That makes one of us.

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