Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15, 2013 - Festelaun

On Friday February 8th, Grace and Noah's school celebrated the Nordic holiday, "Festelaun", which is similar to an American Halloween.  The children get dressed up in costumes and historically go "begging" for treats.  There is a different aspect than in the US, though, because the children participate in beating a barrel with a stick until it breaks and all the goodies (in this case, goodie bags) fall out.  Think: pinata! In the "old days" the barrel used to have a live black cat in it - they believed the cat represented all of the evil spirits, and would you know...bash it to death basically to drive the spirits away.  Luckily our kids just had homemade paper cats on their barrel.  Times have changed :)

So on Friday our very own Butterfly Fairy and her brother Superman were all dressed up and melting along with their classmates in this crazy heat, but they had a very, very fun time at Festelaun.  (Far even participated with a costume sort of matching Noah's!)

Noah's class was the sweetest, most gentle group you could imagine.  They were using the stick to drum on the barrel instead of trying to bash it.  I think eventually one of the teacher's just broke it open!

Grace waited patiently in line, over and over again, and had many turns to bash the barrel.  She did a good job and had so much fun.  Although, she was concerned about her headband falling out when she was swinging for the barrel :)

Grace and her girlfriends

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