Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12, 2013 - Slight Correction re: CHD Screening

I inadvertently posted some misleading information the other day that I want to correct. My sister has informed me of the following:

"Kyle did have the pulse ox screening. But since his PDA duct** was still open when they did it, he passed it with no problems. His major defect, the coarctation of the aorta, was such that the screening did not pick up on it and the screening was not designed to pick up on his other defects. That does not take anything away from pulse ox screening. It is important, and relatively cheap, and should be done on all babies. The most important screening is the/are the ultrasounds that pregnant women receive. Better training and expertise of the ultrasound technicans can identify defects in-utero allowing at the minimum for discussions and planning to occur. According to Dr. ----, at the moment, there is very little that can be done before birth (in-utero) to fix defects that are identified."

**the PDA duct is the vein present in utero allowing blood to flow by bypassing the lungs. It basically acts as the baby's aorta. When the baby is a few days old the duct should close and the aorta completely takes over now that the lungs are fully developed. Kyle's most critical defect was that his aorta was too narrow to function. So he passed his pulse ox screening when his duct was open and blood/oxygen were flowing well, but when his duct closed his aorta was not able to take over and that is when he became critically ill.**

I just didn't want to leave the impression that Kyle didn't get the pulse ox screening. Sorry!

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