Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013 - Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby!

I've been telling Noah for the last couple of weeks that he is almost not a baby anymore:  once he turns 2 he is a big boy!  So today when he woke up, he shook his head no while say "more baby."  No more baby!

And so we have a big, 2-year-old boy now.  All day long he was cute and chatty; he tried singing Happy Birthday to himself...he kept saying "My Birthday!" whenever Grace started talking about her own birthday (it was a slightly more stressful day for her...but she actually did really well I think...considering how desperate she is to turn 4 next month...). He was lovey and sweet and happy. Basically, he was himself...just 2 now :)

Here is Noah's birthday in pictures (and one video) from a lovely morning wake up with balloons and presents, a pancake and bacon breakfast, a trip to Build-a-Bear with Grace and Nora, and birthday pizza with ice cream cake at Auntie Meghan's house.  What a way to turn 2!  

A fun morning...

 The BEFORE picture at Build-a-Bear...

 The AFTER shots...

Dinner and ice cream cake with "the kids."

Have you ever seen such a happy kid!?

Just about to say "Night Night!"

The downside of the day was not being with or seeing Far at all :(  The upside is that we head home to Dar es Salaam on Thursday evening so will be reunited with him very soon (and we'll even pick up Farmor on our way!).  As Kristoffer said to me in an email about Noah, "Two years - it feels like he was always here."  We are so grateful for Noah...even though it was his birthday today, certainly we feel like the gift was and is all ours.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Noah!  You are so loved!

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