Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17, 2013 - Back to Blogging

Hello 2013.  It's taken me awhile to catch my breath and find some time to sit down to blog a bit.  Grace, Noah and I are still in the US.  We have had bursts of busyness with some down time as well; we have missed Far since he went back to Dar last week and look forward to reuniting with him in another week's time.  

I haven't been so great with the camera this trip, especially because THE FLU (Kristoffer) and SERIOUS WINTER COLDS (everyone else!) are not particularly pretty to photograph.  We have had the pleasure of catching up with friends who are so dear to me from high school and college and the family circuit too. We've met up with some dynamic dinosaurs, shared story time at the library, and marked a milestone or two (Noah's first haircut...and soon his 2nd birthday!).  

Since we are starting to think about repatriating to the US in another year or two, it is nice to know that our kids will be so easily indoctrinated into Western culture when the time comes:   i.e. we haven't been here yet a month and Grace knows the words to two Taylor Swift songs (it's true...but thankfully, she still prefers Adele!) AND while Noah's vocabulary is still pretty limited he can say OREO. That said, we're ready to get back to our regularly scheduled program in Dar.  I didn't realize that 7 weeks away from home would be a bit sad for our girl, who has her own social life and misses it a lot (along with her house and her room and her Rose...).  And it is a little bittersweet to leave knowing that we are not likely to come home again for 12-14 months, depending on what the future has in store for us.

But let me not get ahead of myself.  Here are some sweet moments from our 2013 so far:

The Dinosaur Show in Boston

 Noah's First Haircut

 Playdate with Will, Finn, and Baby Bridget (their parents, J & Dave, too!)

Just Hanging Around

I hope the year is starting out well for everyone else.  I am eager to see where the year takes us.

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