Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012 - Annual Year End Blog

Time to say goodbye to 2012.  

Best parts of the year included: Noah's adenoid surgery last January which has allowed him - and us! - to finally get some sleep and finally making our move to Tanzania.  We are very grateful for the Nordic School community that is a great environment for our children to play and grow, while also learning Scandinavian languages and culture.

Difficult parts of the year included navigating our transition to Dar, Kristoffer's adjustment to a new kind of work, and the tragic loss of my newborn nephew, Kyle.  We remember him in our thoughts and prayers everyday, and especially pray for Christine and Kevin and Zoe.

We hope that 2013 is a really big year for us.  I hope to learn to scuba dive and to travel much more within Africa, especially if this is our last year living there (and we are not ruling out a trip up Kili). I want this to be the year that I finally get in shape.  Now that I am all caught up and organized in terms of photo albums and baby books, I also hope that this year I finally do something with the last 6 years of video footage we have taken.  I hope that we make progress on our children's book project that we are working on with my friend Sarah.  

Kristoffer says, about 2013: EVERYTHING BETTER.  He hopes to learn to sail.  He hopes for some clarity about our future after 2013.  He would love to do something nice for his wife (that was a direct quote - I'm excited!), publish our children's book, lose weight and get in better shape, and to end poverty.  Good thing he isn't aiming too high :)

This is what Grace has to say about the new year:

When Noah was cornered about the new year, he would only say, "Nene! Nene! Nene!" So I hope my mom knows what that is all about, because clearly he has high expectations from her!

We wish all of you a happy, healthy new year.  This year we learned that you can never quite predict what will happen.  You can't fully plan.  As you experience life you have to do the best you can to enjoy it when it's good and get through it when it's hard, appreciate your loved ones, and somehow make the world a little bit better than you found it.  That is my wish for my own family, and all of you.

Kwaheri 2012....Mambo 2013!

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