Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8, 2012 - Annual Travel Trouble

We arrived in Denmark last night, somewhere between 7 and 8 hours later than expected.  Last year we got stuck in Paris; this year it was Amsterdam!  It wasn't sooooo bad...the big snow storm that hit Amsterdam paralized KLM and they cancelled so many flights that hundreds of people needed to be rebooked.  I spent 4 hours of our extended layover STANDING IN LINE to make arrangements.  We were lucky that people took pity on us because of traveling so far with two small kids.  In fact, we were on a wait list for our flight to Denmark (after the first two flights were cancelled)...but so were about 20 other people.  When the guy called our name for official boarding passes he said, "At least we know the baby can sleep at home tonight."

So while it was a long, long wait at the airport, we did get here the same day we planned to.

Highlights of the trip included Noah pulling his own suitcase (at a snail's pace!) all around the airport to the delight of everyone who saw him.  Also Grace is such an incredible flyer that as soon as the plane gets up in the air, she announces, "I'm going to sleep now," and promptly does so.  And the fact that on both trips people were willing to move their sits around so that we could be together and so that Noah could have a seat of his own (even though we didn't pay for one!).

Low lights of the trip (aside from the long delay) included both of our landings.  During the first descent in Amsterdam Grace's ears hurt so much that she screamed for 10 minutes (or more?) straight.  Luckily her Far had packed two pieces of bubble wrap in our carry-on...if we had remembered it earlier her screaming would have subsided much sooner...but once we pulled out the bubble wrap she was happily distracted.   As Kristoffer calls it, "Instant Joy." During our second descent in Denmark Noah decided that he was completely done with traveling and wanted to get off the plane RIGHT NOW. He a marathon temper trantrum (while we tried to keep him "strapped" to us in a seat belt!) for at least 15 minutes.  Everyone else really wanted off that plane too, buddy!  Our other challenge with Noah, the boy who spends 85% of his time wearing nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt, was that we couldn't get him to keep socks and shoes on his feet (He also disliked the jeans he was wearing but gave in on that one much easier).  

Everyone was happy to see Farmor who came with hats, gloves and chocolate! When we got to Farmor's house we ate well and all slept SO well.  Some combination of how dark and quiet it is mixed with our travel lag and complete exhaustion from the day made for a very nice night for all (maybe the longest night our kids have ever slept!).  

There is snow on the ground and Christmas spirit in the air.  The perfect combination!

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