Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6, 2012 - And We're Off

We leave for Denmark very late tonight.  We are there for 3 weeks before we go to the US for a long visit as well.

We are bringing lots of things with us:  presents and winter clothes and boots and scarves and socks.  Also de-worming medication, malaria tests and treatment should any of us show get sick with it (it can take weeks or months for symptoms to develop when you get bitten by a malarial mosquito), and newly injected flu vaccinations.  Who knew we required so much medical stuff for just LEAVING the country.

We are leaving Rose and Karen, who are going to Kenya while we are gone,  and Grace's friends at school...she has been telling them for the last two days, "Don't be too sad when I am gone. I will come back for my birthday." Kristoffer is leaving behind work I HOPE.  I am leaving behind the anxieties that come with our daily life.  We are also leaving behind snakes in our garden, mosquitos all around us, and extreme heat and humidity.

We are heading into below-freezing temperatures in Denmark along with snow, from what we hear.   We are prepared for the hustle and bustle of visiting lots of family and friends and perhaps getting a bit exhausted from it all.  We are eager for holiday food and decorations and magic...the comforts of being home for the holidays.  We are going to celebrate Christmas and New Year's with our families that we love.

We are all excited and ready.  

Kwaheri, Tanzania!   See you next year!

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