Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012 - Random

Thought I'd post a few pictures before we fly off into the freezing cold tomorrow night.

A friend just shared these two pictures with me.  Taken in September in a "Back to School" BBQ at school.  Too bad we didn't all look good at the same time!

We decorated for Christmas on Saturday because we hosted a Christmas brunch for some Danish friends on Sunday.  This is the only picture I took of the decorating - Noah and our little tree!
And from the actual party here are two pictures of the Lego tower-building competition Kristoffer faciliated.  Children were not allowed to play until after the official contest.

 (watching the contest below)
Finally, Grace has been taking swimming lessons for a little while now.  It is going very slowly...mostly because she just does not want her face to get wet AT ALL and we are really working on that.  The first teacher she really loved but that lady moved back to South Africa.  This new teacher is not quite as awesome, but they have only had 3 lessons together so I am hoping when we come back they will warm up to each other a bit more. I took these pictures yesterday because I LOVE Grace's swim face.  She is just so serious :)


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