Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20, 2012 - Tour de Danmark

Last week we began a tour of family and friends in Denmark.  It started with Morten & Linnette visiting us for dinner one night in Varde (no pictures, sorry to them!).  That was a lovely, albeit way too short, visit (aren't they all!) because we hadn't seen Morten in three years.  

Then we went to Silkeborg fo one day to visit Lars, Barbara, Luna and Saga.  I don't know what was sweeter: Grace and Luna becoming instant friends or Kristoffer and Lars wrestling in the kitchen?

Next came a lovely day with Farmor's family, including Oldemor, Kristoffer's uncle and aunt Gert and Kitte along with their children and grandchildren, as well as Kristoffer's brother and his family.  Grace was in heaven with her big cousins, Nikoline and Josefine.  This day included a really great lunch and a big family snow-ball fight!

After that great day we packed up and drove to Copenhagen.  We stayed with Hans' daughter Marianne - mange tak til dig, Marianne!  We got to visit with Marianne, Simone, Martin and also Tina, Thomas and Louie.

In the next two days we visited...

Christian, Marlene and sweet baby Jonathan.  We were meeting Marlene and Jonathan for the first time and hadn't seen Christian since he came to Kenya when Grace was 6 months old.  It was a great visit!

Next up: Malene, Silas and Julius (Casper was in Finland!).  This was a particularly sweet visit because they are our friends from Nairobi and I think it is the first time that we have ever connected with Kenya friends outside of Kenya (correct me if I am wrong?).  It was great to see that we all do exist outside of the expat life!

On Tuesday morning we got to meet sweet Baby Lily with Morten and Elsebeth (also got to see Thomas and Bode).  That visit was cut a little short because Grace was a bit sick.  We ended up taking her to see a doctor where we discovered she has a bad cold but not an ear infection (despite pain in her ears) and conjunctivitis.  She is much better now, and even though it was not much time Uncle Kristoffer got to hold Lily for quite awhile.

Kristoffer went without us to dinner with some university friends - Stig and his family, and Soren and his girlfriend.

On Wednesday we packed up and said goodbye to Marianne.  On our way to Rasmus' new house we stopped to visit Kis (96 years old...Farfar's pictures as I stayed in the car with a sleeping Noah) and then for a quick visit with Oldemor.

Grace and Noah are quite happy to be with their cousins again (we are thrilled to have full-time babysitters!) and we will start Christmas festivities Friday evening when we see Farfar and Marianne.  Farmor and Hans and Oldemor will also come on the 24th to celebrate Christmas here.  

Other than the cold, gray weather and our runny noses, things are going so well for us in Denmark this trip!  It has been really nice to reconnect with old friends. 


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