Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9, 2012 - Movie Theater Etiquette

Kristoffer and I went to see a movie in the movie theater last night.  It was our first time doing that here in Dar and we haven't actually been to a movie theater since Dec/Jan in the US. That's a long stretch - yikes!  It was a nice treat to see Daniel Craig be sooooo good, and Javier Bardem be sooooo bad.  A little escapism is what I needed.

But the real experience comes from just going to the movies here.  I had completely forgotten the movie theater etiquette (or lack thereof) in East Africa - here in Dar it was the same as it was in Nairobi.  

Highlights include:

1.  Come late.  Up to 40 minutes late.  No worries.  (But really, who misses the first 40 minutes of a BOND movie?!)

2.  Keep your phone turned on and answer calls throughout the movie, talking casually to your friends and family as if you were in the privacy of your own home.   

3.  Talk to your friends and people sitting around you throughout the movie as well.  And don't use a movie theater voice either.  Just talk normally, because that won't disturb anyone.


It takes some getting used to.  At first it was driving me crazy but then I started to tune out the distractions as I used to do in Kenya.   (But if you, my brother Mark, are reading this...I thought more than once that you might have a nervous breakdown during this experience.)

One difference here is that we didn't have to stand for the national anthem before the show, as we used to do in Nairobi.  I actually kind of missed that tradition.

We went to the newest movie theater here in Dar and it was a good experience...despite all of the busy people around us.  Kristoffer is heading to the US for a week tomorrow night and it was nice to have a date night before he leaves.


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