Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27, 2012 - Little Scholar

Yesterday we had our parent-teacher conference for Grace.  It was awesome.  

The highlight was that Grace had just colored this picture at school and, completely on her own, wrote the names (if you can see them): Grace (on your right), Mama (bottom right), Far (top left), Noah (under Far), which you can mostly read.  The teacher sitting with Grace at the time was really surprised. Wow!

The teachers we met (2 of 6 who interact with Grace regularly) had so many nice things to say about Grace and I know we walked away beaming with pride.  They think she is mature for her age, great with communication, energetic to tell a story or sing a song in front of the class.  She is also very strong willed, but they have only seen her have a very bad temper (or "go ballistic" as one described it) once. She cries a lot on days when she is very tired, and usually I have warned them that she woke up too early on those days.  She eats very well (our daughter?  Hallelujah!) and responds very well to praise.  Her fine and gross motor skills are great. She no longer has accidents at school (or at home, for that matter).  She loves to play with her girlfriends but is also comfortable doing her own thing.  They say she is very happy - and we said so are we!


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Joanna said...

The writing is great, but the thing that strikes me as crazy impressive is the skill AND creativity of the coloring! Maybe it's because I have two boys with no knack for coloring whatsoever, but even so, that is some seriously good crayon work! ;-)