Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20, 2012 - Starting to Pack...

The countdown is on.  Sixteen days until we leave Dar for seven weeks away (five for Kristoffer).  First stop Denmark.  Next stop USA.  

You know...our usual world tour.

There are many reasons why we are ready for this trip home.  Many. 

Two of them include:

1.  Grace probably has some kind of amoeba (awaiting further tests), which we suspect because she has had two episodes of violent stomach cramps and vomiting within two weeks of each other.  And while she is not as small as she used to be, she doesn't exactly have weight to spare.  We all are probably due for being de-wormed, in fact (it took me years to accept the fact that we live some place where de-worming is reality!).  But I would rather do it when we are going to have a break from the likelihood of getting said amoeba again, so will probably wait until we get to Denmark to do so (although maybe she'll get some other medication before then).  

2.  We found this guy on the outside of Noah's mosquito net the other day when I went in to pick him up after his nap. 

Spider crab.  Crab spider.  Googling indicates that it is not a poisonous bite, but a painful, itchy one.  And if we found one, isn't it likely that there are more?!?  Shiver.

Winter clothes and Christmas presents are nearly packed.  Kristoffer has two more trips before then (first Uganda for 4 days, then Burundi for 3 days) so it will be a busy time until our plane takes off.  But then we'll be wearing winter coats, drinking hot chocolate and NOT worrying about sunblock or malaria for a nice long stretch.  Bring it on!


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