Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012 - The Learning Wheel

First of all, you know me. I love anniversaries.  We left Nairobi one year ago yesterday (November 18th).  Isn't that incredible?  I feel like the year has been so big and complicated and busy and has gone by really, really fast. Wow.

Also, today was Noah's first "parent-teacher" conference at school.  It was supposed to be 30 minutes, but because I am a talker it was more like 65 minutes.  This is the "tool" used as a basis of discussion about his growth and development (if you can see it). 

The goal for Noah (and all kids in his class) is that he will be a "4" (is able to do) by the time he is 3 years old.  For most categories he is a 2 (able to with help) or 3 (almost able to) with an occasional 1 (is not able to do) or 4 already.  I thought the discussion was insightful - they see him do things that I don't see him do (and vice versa) - and thoughtful - his 4 teachers really love him and appreciate his personality. They had so many nice, positive things to say (like if they have ever kids they really hope to get one just like Noah...but of course, they haven't met him at 5:00 am!).  It was a really interesting conference.

Big take aways are that he is sweet and happy (we knew!), that he falls on his head a lot (we knew that too!), and also even though he isn't the youngest in the group anymore he is the smallest still so the other kids sort of see him (and treat him) as the baby of the group.  We're two months away from his second birthday.  That is also very hard to believe!  

Next week is Grace's conference, using the same tool with the goal of being a "4" by the time she is 5 years oldl obviously the "criteria" change with the age group. As I was looking at The Learning Wheel, I was wondering where I would fall in my age-appropriate group.  Maybe I should be a "4" by the time I am...35? 40?  When you're a grown up, is there development in these areas happening that we don't know about?!  


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