Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012 - Seasons

Nine months into living here, I've decided that there are really two seasons in Dar.

Season 1 (end of June through early September): what I call The Lovely Summer (also called "winter" by the locals).  It is warm but not tooooo hot and humid.  There is a lovely breeze and in the evening sometimes you can even bundle up in a light cardigan if you are outside. You don't worry as much about malaria.  You are never in a state of constant sweat.  It is dreamy, perfect summer weather.

I love this season.

Season 2 (all other months, peaking in December from what I hear): what I call Take Three Cold Showers a Day and Change Your Clothes Even More Often Than That.  I think you can imagine what this season includes. It is hot. It is sticky. It is buggy. I am never not sweating. My kids have weird heat and sweat rashes.

I despise this season.

There are some transitions into and out of these seasons, but they are not distinct enough to be their own seasons.  And throw in a short rainy season (now supposedly, but it hasn't rained in a few days) and a long rainy season (I think that is Mayish?) but they are just subseasons of our current season.

There is a lot to love about living here, and maybe if we moved from Florida we would find this weather a bit more charming.  But wow! I am wearing my second tshirt of the day and it is 9:15 am.  It really makes me miss Nairobi's awesome weather and has us all very excited for the cold of Denmark in a few a weeks (and that says A LOT because normally the weather is not one of Denmark's strengths!).


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