Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2, 2012 - Off to the Races!

The GOAT races, that is!

Yesterday was Dar es Salaam's Annual Charity Goat Races.  We didn't learn about the social event of the year until pretty late in the week.  It turns out that there is a herd of goats sort of "pushed" around a track a few times throughout the day at this event.  People sponsor teams and the teams come dressed up according to some theme.  Then at the event everyone can bet on the goats.  There are food and local craft or business tents set up in a big field with the racing "track" the middle.  There is a "kids area" with games and activities (our kids were way too young though).  There is loud music and a lot of pretty drunk people.

So of course we went!  We got to see one goat race (bad pictures taken below) and saw a few people we knew there.  Managed to get the kids each an ice cream popsicle before we called a day (lasted about 1 hour in total out of the 6 possible hours).  We saw some friends and admired their vision to come without the kids.  They told us, "Of course last year we brought the kids our first time and saw someone else without their kids.  This year we're without kids.  Next year it will be you!"  

I am not totally sure that we Goat Race kind of people, but it was a sight to see and now we know what it is all about.  It seems they raise a lot of money for various big charities in Dar and it was a very diverse (read: not just white expats) population who attended the events so that was also nice to see.




Just another day in Dar!

p.s. I forgot to report that my cell phone was stolen while we were there! ARGH!

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