Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 13, 2012 - Back in the Saddle

Yesterday I started working at the International School of Tanganyika (IST) secondary school (Grades 6-12) here in Dar.  It is a 2 minute drive from our house and is next to Grace and Noah's school.  I am a substitute teacher!  

I first acted as "reader" and "scribe" for students with learning disabilities who get these accommodations when they have exams.  Today I was a "reader" again and also showed a movie to a class whose teacher abruptly went home sick.  

The kids have been very polite and respectful to me so far.  My favorite moment was today when I was taking attendance.  I asked each student to tell me his/her name.  One boy, whose name I had laready overheard, gave me the name of a different boy on my list.  The boy next to him then gave me "his" name and giggled.  A third boy did the same.  

It was obviously a game that they were giving me the wrong names.  

When it got to the fourth boy, he sort of froze - it was like he couldn't think quickly enough to give me a different name but someone else had already used HIS name.  So I told him..."It's OK...take your time...just make sure to give me the name of someone who is actually here so I don't make him absent."

Then the whole class started laughing because they didn't expect me to "get" their prank.

Awwww...even in the small capacity of substitute teacher, it was nice to be back!  

Looking forward to more work at IST it is a flexible schedule for me with dropping off and picking up the kids at school, people have been very friendly, and it is a really nice school environment.


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