Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012 - Starbucks

While doing my usual grocery shopping this morning (after a 3rd failed attempt to get a police report for my stolen phone), I was buying a box of tea when something surprising caught my eye.

That's right.  Not just Starbucks coffee.  That would be pretty surprising in and of itself.  But Starbucks coffee K-CUPS for the Keurig (our coffee machine!).  In Dar.  It cost the equivalent of $17 for one box, or 10 cups of coffee.  That's $1.70 a cup, which is a lot more expensive than the $.25/K-Cup we pay at home but is still cheaper than buying it in an actual Starbucks, right?  Because even though I don't even drink coffee, I bought a box!  I just couldn't help myself!  It was definitely a case of: I bought it because I could!  And I am sure they won't last long in the store anyway (there were definitely not there on Friday and there were only 4 left today) so I didn't want to go home and think about it before deciding to buy.    

Our Keurig has not been used too much since Farmor and Hans left, so now I need to find someone who drinks coffee and invite them over for a cup!


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