Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26, 2012 - Social Butterfly

Grace is 3 1/2 years old today.  She is a really big girl and is acting like it.  She is just starting to stay at school until 2 pm instead of going home at noon.  This was her request, not ours!  

Grace is good at chores like clearing her dishes from the table, putting away clothes, tidying up.  She is a lot less whiny - although trust me, she has her moments - than she used to be, mostly because she is still napping most afternoons (Dear God: is there any way we can swing it so that she will nap until she goes to college?). She is as curious and clever as they come, still loving books and having a blast with her own imagination.  She stays at her friends' houses alone for play dates where we are told she is always well-behaved (not always the case when her friends come to our house).  She is eating really well almost every day (yes, I did just write that!) and is obviously growing as a result. She says things that make us laugh and remind us that little people have really big opinions and insights - never underestimate a pre-schooler's ability to tell you exactly what she thinks and how she sees the world.

Grace has a good relationship with Noah.  Sometimes she gets mad at him when he breaks something that belongs to her and will tell him, "Today I am not going to play with you, buddy, because I am mad  that you did that.  But tomorrow I will play with you again." She is always concerned with where he is, how he's doing, and she usually includes him in playing with her.  It is great to see them together.  It is also great that Grace's language skills have come so far.  I think we can officially call her bilingual now, given that she easily switches between English and Danish, and has no trouble communicating in or understanding either language.  Sometimes she will translate for me, "Mama, Far said ...."  

Grace is at a really fun age and I keep hoping time will slow down just a bit so that we can really enjoy the magic of her being 3.  Now, 3 1/2! 

Here are some photos Hans took of Grace at school before he and Farmor went back to Denmark.  You can see her with her 3 good friends from school.  We are so happy that she is happy living here in Dar.

Happy Half Birthday, Grace!  We love you!

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