Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012 - One and a Half

Noah is 18 months old today.  One and a half.  His mother (that's me) finds this very hard to believe.  My baby is a real boy now!
 His day included blowing up our little bouncy house and playing/swimming at Grace's (very soon to be Noah's as well) school.  

It also included ice cream for dessert and the removal of the "baby bar" on Noah's high chair.  He is now free to roam about the dining room (second picture was after the bar was removed...and he stayed seated!).

 Noah closed out the night giving his big sister a big hug...
 ...and also his giraffe.

Growing growing every day - we love our sweet, little boy so much.
Happy Half Birthday, Buddy!

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