Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012 - Happiness is...

Farmor's big suitcase full of presents, containing your new favorite book!
Helping Hans build the chair he brought you from Denmark.
Sitting in the new chair you helped "build" with your new "Quack Quack" that Farmor brought you (just like your sister's!)!
 Farmor reading a bedtime story.
 Having your mom come visit you from so far away.
 Putting your feet in the pool.
 A new "Monster Truck" (aka Toyota Landcruiser...aka TEMBO, which means ELEPHANT in Kiswahili) that is finally officially ours!
 My little Rav4 is MUCH smaller than Kristoffer's Landcruiser!
 Stealing Mama's sun hat.
When Mama gets cuddles.
 Finding eels in the ocean! (ok, maybe that is NOT happiness...but it is cool!)
 Beach buddies!
 Having your own little house on the beach.
The beautiful Indian Ocean.
 Waiting for fresh fish!
 Hans helping you roam about the rocking ferry.
When your best friends come over to play.
 Drumming with your girlfriend.
 Farmor reading to you and your friends.
 Singing outside on a beautiful day.
Reaching for the stars...and laughing with Mama.

(...and they've only been here for 6 days!  Almost nothing makes us happier than time we get to spend with our family!)


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Holly said...

Oh Lisa...just LOVE the pictures!! What fun!
-Aunt Holly