Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3, 2012 - Under the Big Top

On Friday, The Nordic School held its annual "Circus Badutski", during which all children performed in some part of the big show.  It was adorable.  Kristoffer liked it more than Grace's "shows" in Nairobi because it was less strict and the kids were a lot more free/creative.  We were surprised to learn a few weeks ago that Grace would be performing as a princess...because she is really not a princessish type of girl. But, indeed, hers was maybe the 4th or 5th act in the circus and was the performance of beautiful dancing ballerinas with some elephants.  I could not believe that she smiled and twirled the whole time.  No stage freight.  No crying.  No shock.  Amazing.  I would say she has come a long way since her first performance a year and a half ago (you'll remember it here...).  The other parts of the show were also very sweet, but check out our dancing ballerina below.

At the end of the circus, the whole school sang two national anthems.  Because Grace's school includes children who are Danish, Swedish and Norwegian I guess they had to pick just one anthem to do...and they picked Sweden.  It is hard to tell in the video, but Grace does know the words (which we learned since she has been singing it at home since Friday).  Some of her teachers are Swedish and they speak to her in Swedish, she must have some understanding of the language.  After that came the Tanzanian national anthem sung in Kiswahili, which she also knows the words to and can sing on her own.  She is truly a child of the world :)

Circus Badutski was a great way to start off the weekend, as there was a family BBQ that followed into the evening.  And yesterday morning Grace was invited for a playdate at one girl's house, where we dropped her off and left her to play for 3 hours on her own.  It was her first unaccompanied playdate and she was both very well-behaved (we're told) AND had a wonderful time (followed by a 3 hour nap).  She is so big now! 

Summer vacation starts after this week and we'll be doing a play group with 3 other girls from Grace's class.  Mondays they will all be here, and Tuesdays through Thursday each other family will host the girls for the day.  Here's hoping it keeps Grace busy and happy with her friends until school starts again in August (at which time Noah will be going in the mornings as well).  


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