Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012 - Little Picasso

Grace has become quite the artist lately. The other day she found a book that someone gave us (thanks Mae and Ben) with step by step directions and pictures to draw certain animals. She now loves this book and is repeatedly drawing each animal. If you observe her from afar, you will see her point to the step she is on and "read" aloud what she is doing, then she will do it. When the animal is done she will tell me that she was really good at following the directions. Her very first attempt is below (which is actually her most accurate to date....she was just so focused that first time):

I am not saying she is brilliant or destined to be an artist (Kristoffer thinks I brag too much...I promise I am not trying to brag here), but I am saying that it was really fascinating to me that developmentally she could do this.  The picture actually does resemble a lion (and she was named Simba in utero).  She also signed her name at the bottom...sometimes she can accurately make a "C" which she didn't do here, but the "E" at the end has the appropriate number of horizontal lines so that is pretty awesome.  I am keeping this one for her memory book because I think it is adorable.  We are trying to focus on the process with her, instead of the outcome so much, because we've read good things about that parenting approach:  "Good job concentrating!  Was it fun drawing that lion?   I like the way you followed the directions."

Let me know if you would like to commission a picture from the artist :)

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