Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012 - Line of the Year

Earlier today Grace and I read a book about dinosaurs.  Well, it is really a "look and find" book with pictures from the show "Dinosaur Train", but it also throws some dinosaur facts in there.  She got this book for Easter from my parents and loves it.  We hadn't read it in over a week so she was especially excited about it today.

Fast forward about 4 hours later... 

In a moment of desperation (as in: please don't make me do dinner and bedtime routine by myself again!), Rose and I took the kids to Dar's version of fast food: a fried chicken place (think KFC) that has a big playground.  I am not totally proud of this decision, but Kristoffer is still away until Friday night and I really needed a distraction from the usual routine on my own.  Much to my surprise, there was a "playgroup" of sorts already there with lots of kids and nannies from our usual Friday Happy Hour.  

Anyway, the four of us were sitting down eating fried chicken and french fries (again: not my finest parenting moment) and I said something to Rose like, "This is not normally something we would do with Kristoffer because he almost can't eat anything on the menu."

Then Grace says, "Far cannot eat here because he is a herbivore and eats plants and we are carnivores eating meat." 

I almost choked on a french fry!

It was a nice reminder of the wonders of reading to your kids.  I just wish I had the moment on video :)

p.s. Happy Birthday shout out to Sean O'Brien and Uncle Kevin!

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