Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012 - This Boy

For the last two days, Noah has been wearing his "back pack" a lot.  I don't know what made him become interested in it, but he likes it a lot.  He walks around in it, plays in it, looks out the window as if he is eager to bust out of jail.  Do you think he is trying to tell us something?

(He looks sweet and innocent...but can also be a tough guy!  Watch out!)

We did convince him to take the bag off to eat at the table...and luckily it didn't bother him too much.

Our super sweet boy is changing everday.  He is eating well, sleeping well (sometimes wakes up once at night and still rises early, but is overall doing great) and is on a much better schedule than we ever managed to get Grace on at the same age.   He is fun and funny...making all kinds of sounds and sporting some adorable dance moves.  He never used to like books, but in the past few weeks he has really started to enjoy them.  He will sit and "read" them, play with them, bring them to me.  Sometimes he tries to eat them, but we're working on that :)  

Where did our little baby go?!  Love this boy!

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