Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5, 2012 - I Have Fallen in Love with a German Woman in Dar

I am yet to meet her though.

This lady supplies real, authentic, freshly baked, homemade RYEBREAD (rugbrød) to the local deli at Oysterbay Shopping centre, just down the road!

I lack words…

Ryebread is the equivalent of peanut butter, Mac&Cheese, hamburgers and BBQ sauce to an American; it is the Tikka Masala of Scandinavia, the Ugali of the Nordic countries.

Real freshly baked Ryebread is nutritious and brings the whole family together. We bought a whole loaf on Friday and it was gone by Saturday. Note that Ryebread is easily thrice the weight of normal bread.

The 30th of March will for the Welsien family here on and so forth be known as “the day of Rye”.

Bless you German Lady. Can't wait to buy some more.


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