Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28, 2012 - Gossip

Rumor has it that one large, Kenyan grocery store chain is coming to Tanzania.  Four stores in Dar es Salaam.  Possibly this year.  Nakumatt.

When we heard this news at our Friday "happy hour playgroup"yesterday, I was flooded with memories of my love-hate relationship with Nakumatt.  If it is the same as a Kenyan Nakumatt, more or less, then we could get a lot of things that are often hard to get here now.  But then I could be back to fighting with the cheese guy over 100 grams of cheese.  At least we have a filtered water system in our house now so that I won't have to fight over how to spend my water bottle refund.

Nakumatt.  In Dar.  Could be crazy!

I won't get too excited until I see the place with my own eyes...

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