Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11, 2012 - Curling...African Style

If you are European you definitely know what "curling" is.  If you are American, you probably don't.  It is a sport where a team slides big stones across the ice to a target zone, using brooms to help them get the stones across the ice.  No offense to anyone, but in my opinion curling is really bizarre.

Except now we are playing our own version of curling over here.  You see, our house is often inhabited by geckos.  Sometimes teeny-tiny ones, and sometimes bigger...they like to get into our house because they think it will be cooler than outside.  In fact, they often come in through our air conditioning units.  And while these little lizards might seem harmless enough - I mean, it's not like they are biting anything - they do poop all over the house and generally we don't trust them.  

Kristoffer has perfected the art of shooing the geckos out the nearest door using a broom.  It becomes really like curling when I participate with another broom because we are really working as a team to get the gecko to its target (outside).  There is a lot of fast spontaneous movement and phrases like "I've got it!" and "No!  It's to you!  Get it!"  Like the original sport, it too is really bizarre.

We have a LOT of ants, geckos and spiders in our house.  Mosquitos come and go as well.  It is hard to keep track of all of them and really, in the end, I just thought our social life would be a bit...bigger!


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