Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012 - Too Cool for School

Grace is at school now and when the cat's away the mouse will play.  
Noah LOVES to wear Grace's sunglasses.
Could he be any cuter?!

Noah is so awesome these days.  Ok, on the down side he is hitting and biting on occasion.  He has a "hit face" that he makes when he is doing it on purpose.  Upper lip tucked into his lower lip - slight grin coming from the corners of his mouth. It is SO darn cute, but we are trying to be serious about getting him to stop doing it.  Grace is often his target...which is really just turn about fair play, but we are still trying to discourage it.  And when they aren't fighting (last week it was constant but it has been better the last couple of days) they are being so cute together.  

Noah isn't sleeping through the night consistently - sometimes there is a late night wake up.  But he is only nursing twice a day (when he wakes up in the morning and after his bath at night), and soon we will wind those down as well.  He has been eating great for the last week, which we hope will help him gain some weight because he definitely needs some help in that department.  He is going to sleep without any crying and napping really well twice a day, although I suspect we'll get down to one nap within the month.  Other than Mama, he can say Hi, Bye, Woof woof, "ba" for backwards when he goes down the stairs and his words for "bear" and "ball" are almost exact.  When he wants to go outside or in the car he goes to the door and says bye bye.  He is making a lot of other noise too, so I think more words are coming.  He likes to "sing" in the car when Grace is singing.  

Noah is so curious and learns really quickly.  If he sees something done once, he will try to do it.  For example, we have Grace helping to set the table before dinner and now he is also trying to bring things from the kitchen to put on the dining table.  

He loves: brooms, putting things in the toilet and the trash (oy), washing his hands at the sink like Grace, music and toys that make noise, hot dogs, ketchup (which we pretend is paint so that when Grace is painting he can paint too - yup everything still goes in his mouth!), and Grace.  He is quite a Mama's boy these days, but is also pretty sweet on his Far.  We are really enjoying this age of rapid change and growth.  And he has been healthy for over a week (knock on wood - QUICK!) so that is an added bonus.

Love this little guy.  Sunglasses or not, he is the coolest!

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