Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012 - Cooling Off

Today was a little cooler here, which was nice, and we had a drizzle of rain.  Kristoffer and I found a shopping mall about 6 miles from where we live.  It was not as fancy as a Nairobi mall, but it was air conditioned (I think it was the first A/C mall in East Africa?) and had a lot of great stores.  Two of the stores were like Walmart (or, I suppose, Nakumatt) and we found lots of good stuff at better prices than the small grocery store near our house.  This was exciting!  Unfortunately our washing machine did not survive the move.  We aren’t sure what happened but we can’t get anyone to fix it so we were actually shopping for a new one.  Hate to spend the money, but I think this weekend we’ll buy one that we saw today. 

Kristoffer also bought a really cheap bike!  Because the cost of fuel is much more expensive here (at least than the duty free fuel we bought in Nairobi) we are trying to be a bit more conservative with driving.  Kristoffer is going to try to bike to and from work (or somedays even run if it is not too hot).  He thinks it will take him 20 minutes, which will give him freedom from the normal commuting traffic and will build regular exercise into his day.  We hope it works well - tomorrow he'll try it out!

The biggest bummer of the day was that Noah is a bit sick.  He has a little fever and is just not himself at all.  The poor little guy.  It is too soon to be malaria, particularly because he hasn’t been bitten by any mosquitoes yet!  But if he isn’t better I will take him to the clinic tomorrow.  It is likely to be just an unfortunate coincidence that he has a virus just a few days into Dar…but we don’t mess around with fevers in this place so we’ll get him checked out to be on the safe side.

Kristoffer is back to work tomorrow and I am on my own.  Who thinks I will really miss Charles? (I do!) Wish me luck!


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