Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012 - Boring

Another hour and a half at the clinic today. Both kids are very slowly improving. Grace's fever is finally down right now (although we thought that yesterday and then last night it spiked) and Noah's fever is gone too. Their issue is still coughing and because they are not eating well they are having stomach problems from the medicines. But today was not about them. Rose was feeling a little ill yesterday and woke up today sick with the same throat infection as the kids, so she had to go to the doctor. And I have a full on sinus infection, which I was hoping would be just a cold, but of course not. And because both of us needed to see a doctor to get antibiotics, we couldn't leave the kids home alone and so the four of us, once again, spent the morning at the clinic. I am boring myself with this story! And I feel like we've "lost" almost a whole week now where I have't done anything on our list of things to do for the house and Grace hasn't been back to school after her first week (and next week is off for the Easter holiday) and I haven't found a playgroup for Noah yet. Argh. And now they are both asleep so I should shut my eyes for a few minutes. I guess there is always next week. LMW

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