Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012 - His and Hers

Fevers. They now have matching fevers. It would be funny if they weren't actually still sick (or sick again). Noah finished his antibiotics yesterday but was awake throughout the night with a fever and cough. Despite being in the middle of her antibiotics Grace's fever is still almost 103 F. So we were back to the clinic this morning. Noah actually has a brand new viral infection - his second since we've been here. Grace is still just battling this throat infection and her antibiotics were increased. The dr honestly thinks that once they are adjusted to this environment their health will improve. I just hope I survive until is no fun having two sick kids! And I have a list of other interesting blogs to write about this new land of ours...but I guess they'll have to wait for healthier days. LMW

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Barbara Snow said...

Wishing your family better health. Am still enjoying your adventures.
Barb in Minnesota