Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24, 2012 - Sick Joke

I thought I was putting it out there to the universe with my blog the other day that I was all done with people in this house being sick.  And yet.  Grace started with a fever during last night and by the time she woke up this morning it was over 102 F (over 39 C) and she was pretty miserable.  So yes.  We spent a portion of our Saturday morning at the clinic.  Again.  One of the nurses said,  "Give it a few more weeks and they'll get all sorted out."  Let's freaking hope so! 

Little girl went to bed without a fever finally.  We discovered that she likes chewable tylenol a lot better than other fever reducers we've tried.  Noah is almost done his antibiotics and she has just started hers, for the same throat infection he has.  Kristoffer hesitantly asked the doctor, "So we're going to get it too?"  She mentioned something about it mostly affecting kids.  

So if I wasn't clear before, I will be explicit now:  PLEASE NO MORE INFECTIONS IN THIS HOUSE!  I think we should be all clear for at least the next half year.


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