Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012 - Delivery

One of my favorite things about living in Brooklyn, NY was that you could get ANYTHING delivered to your house (I guess that goes for all of NYC really).  And my absolute favorite thing to get delivered was BREAKFAST on a Saturday morning.  One phone call, and 20 minutes later I am eating yummy pancakes and bacon while watching reruns on TV in my pajamas.  Amazing.  Regardless of how lazy this proves me to be (the diner was approximately a 3 minute walk from my apartment), I loved it.  And no I didn't do it every weekend, but I could have if I wanted to!

And now to the present day, when we are in the process of organizing for a new delivery service to our home in Dar.  Diesel.  For the generator.  Since I will never be touching that beast again, and do not love the smell of diesel in the car that lingers for days after a purchase, we will be outsourcing this task.  When I suggested the idea, Kristoffer didn't even think that such companies existed....until yesterday when he was informed about what company delivers diesel to his office for their generator.  They will now be our diesel supplier.

And I am almost as happy about it as if it were breakfast.


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