Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22, 2012 - The New Norm?

I was back to the clinic yesterday when Noah suddenly spiked a high fever out of the blue (almost 102F or 39C).  Fearing malaria or dengue fever (so soon?  really?!), I rushed him over.  The check-in nurse said, "You come here a lot."  Yes.  Thanks.  I'm aware of that.

Luckily not malaria or dengue...he has a bacterial infection in his throat and ears.  Not that this is great or anything, but slightly less scary.  And so he now he is on antibiotics; he didn't have a great night with the fever going up and down.  I am left this how living in Dar for the next three years is going to be?  Someone on antibiotics every other week?!  Please, NO!


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