Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21, 2012 - Tidbits

A random collection of updates...

Our refrigerator has been having an identity crisis since we got here.  It has to do with the "quality" of electricity, actually.  Mr. S says the electricity comes in 3 phases (what does that mean?) and in the afternoon/evening is the poorest quality.  So between 3-4 pm everyday, our refrigerator starts to break down.  Turning on and off, lights blinking, weird noises, warmer temp inside.  And then by the time we go to bed, it is fine again until the next afternoon.  So weird.

A guy from the generator company came and thought he had "fixed" the problem that gave me a shock.  When he went to show Mrs. S, he put his hand on the gennie and then HE got a bad shock too.  But that somehow inspired him to actually know the problem and we are waiting for a new part to fix it.  So it wasn't just that the gennie hates me.

Grace is at school, day 4 today.  The first two days I stayed the whole time (8:30 to 12) and then yesterday I left for 2 hours in the middle of the day.  Today she told me when we got there, "Mama, you can leave now."  So that is a good sign.  She also told me today, "Those people speak Danish like Far."  I asked her who "those people" were and she said, "everyone at school."  Then I told her, "You can speak Danish like Far too," to which she replied, "and English like you."  (I think the author of this recent NY Times article on bilingualism would be proud.)  Yesterday was the first day that Grace correctly pronounced the word "because", which she has always pronounced as "pause".  I have thought it was the cutest thing, and got a little sad that she is saying it correctly now.  Although she has always been very verbal, she is often speaking in a more sophisticated way these days.  Grace has also moved into a BIG girl bed.  Not her toddler bed anymore.  A queen-sized bed (thank you Hartwell family for donating Ben's bed to Grace!).  She looks like a wee little girl in such a big island of a bed...but she LOVES it.  Tonight is "parent's night" at her school.  I'm looking forward to meeting some new people (and improving my Danish, I suspect).

Noah is the cutest little guy.  He climbs on everything.  He is everywhere.  Trying to run even!  He has figured out where the latch on the gate is to go upstairs and I fear will soon be able to undo it by himself.  He knows how to get water from the filter.  He can almost say - and tries very hard to say - ball consistently.  He also says Mama and "Yeah" and MMMMMM when he is hungry.  Grace and Noah play a game where she yells NO and he says YEAH.  Over and and over and over again.  I love it.  He is still not all the way back to sleeping through the night like he was before we left the US, but I hope we're getting closer to that.  He is eating great the last few days, which is a relief because we learned at the doctor's last week that he hasn't gained any weight since he left Nairobi  four months ago (he probably did, but has had 3 different viruses since then so he must have lost what he gained).  

Kristoffer seems happy at work, although is still learning a lot and figuring out his place in the system.  His boss is back and is here now permanently I think, so that should help.  His Kiswahili is getting better and better, and I think soon I will start taking lessons if I can find a tutor to come to the house.  If I leave East Africa after living her for 6 or 7 years and can't speak more than the 7 phrases I know now...that would be a shame!  So I actually have to start studying and now that Grace is into some kind of schedule, I hope to be able to do so (maybe starting in May...Rose will be going on leave to Kenya for over 2 weeks in April so I won't have any help with Noah...and I don't think HE is ready for Kiswahili lessons).

Lots of rain last night and this morning.  Is the rainy season finally actually here?  Because after that comes the "cooler" weather and we are all ready for that! 


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