Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11, 2012 - Striking Gold!

So much to say.  Not enough running internet to say it!

Friday we hit the expat jackpot when we went to a “Happy Friday Playgroup”, with at least a dozen other expat families who get together at a different house each Friday to kick off the weekend.  An American colleague of Kristoffer’s was hosting, which was great, and a former colleague of mine at UNICEF (who moved here in August) was also there.  So awesome!  Could not have asked for a better event in our first week.  The bad part is that we didn’t bring Rose with us, so spent most of our time running after Grace and Noah instead of collecting phone numbers (expat note: must collect phone numbers!), but we did have several good conversations with people and hopefully made ourselves known as the newbies in town.  People couldn’t believe we were out and about already J Most people that we’ve met here are American or Danish!  I am going to call Dar “Little Denmark” in fact, because I can’t get over how many Danes are here.  Everywhere I go, I hear people speaking Danish!

Saturday’s successes involved purchasing a washing machine, finding an Italian gelateria, and finding a new little grocery where they sold good cheese options at more reasonable prices!  I officially know 3 people here and saw 2 of them when we were out.  Definitely a small community.

Today’s success involved going to the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club  (DYC) for an hour (where we saw the 3rd person I know!).  It felt like being on vacation with our feet in the beautiful Indian Ocean.  We have to be recommended by someone who has been a member for at least a year before we too can have membership and regular access to the DYC.  We managed to find a Dane who will play the part so hopefully in another week or so we will “accepted” to the club and will have permanent weekend plans at the beach.

Biggest challenges remaining: internet and Noah’s adaptation to the heat.  I think Grace is coming around (although has definite anxiety about starting a new school soon), but Noah’s little body is really having a tough time.  We continue to work on mosquito prevention.  Keeping ants, geckos and flies out of the house is also an ongoing venture.

On the agenda for this week: introductory doctor appointments for the kids, my first “spouse club” meeting with other expat spouses, and hopefully spending some morning hours with Grace at her school before she officially starts.  Our generator is close to being installed and some other improvements have been made on the house.  We are in good shape!


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