Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012 - Happy Birthday, Grace!

Our Gracie Girl had many requests for her 3rd birthday party.  She really hoped for:
  • a dinosaur cake
  • Cars napkins
  • Dora plates and cups
  • some kind of dinosaur game
  • some kind of Dora game
  • pizza
And, I have to say, that with all of the changes and transition in her life the last few months, not the least of which has been the absence of her Far while he has been getting Tanzania ready for us, I was just very happy to give her all of the above.  So she had a day full of what she wanted. I didn't harass her to eat and, in fact, she only ate candy and cake and ice cream and a little pizza. I let her watch as many shows as she asked for.  I let her play the iPad for as long as she wanted.  It was her THIRD birthday and every time she said something about being happy, I felt so happy for her.  She had three cousins over for her birthday party today, and it was really fun.  The few tears she shed (it is REALLY hard to share your birthday presents with your little cousin on your birthday!) were quickly forgotten amidst all of her happiness.  The hardest part of today was that Far was not with us, but we talked about him a lot and during her bath Grace said, "I really miss Far," so I know that she was thinking of him.  

I have no idea how much Grace weighs (guessing at 26 lbs) or how tall she is exactly.  I think she LOOKS like a 3 year old, albeit a petite one.  She is stubborn, which can be challenging for the adults in her life, but can also be endearing.  She is really into some American cartoon shows right now about words and spelling and vocabulary (Super Why and Word Girl and Dinosaur Train, for those American parents out there).  She can now draw a person that looks like a person and a letter M that looks like a letter M (most of the time).  She has a brilliant imagination and in these few months of transition, it has really been her savior because she has had the company of some wonderful friends to play with, like Dora and Boots and Swiper and Benny and Tico and Isa and some dragons and some dinosaurs!  She does not want to grow her hair long or wear a barrette, but she also refuses for it to be cut.  The big present she wanted for her birthday, which we gave her before Kristoffer left, was a Cars bike with a Dora helmet.  That is the ultimate Grace...she's not REALLY girly...but has a little bit in her still.  She says mature things like, "Mama, we need to figure this out..." or "I need to talk to you about something..." or "Good job, Mama! I am proud of you, " or today this cracked me up, "Noah is too young to drink that," because she is SO old and wise now!

I am eager to get Grace back to a nice daily routine and into a preschool (we leave for Tanzania in 5 days and she is enrolled to start as soon as her jet-lag ends!). I am eager for her to have her own space and schedule and life back.  And I hope she knows that despite all of the crazy changes in our lives lately, as far as we are concerned the sun still rises and sets with her, and always will.  I hope she had a wonderful birthday...I am a proud and lucky and blessed Mama for sure.

Here are some birthday highlights...

First of all...riding her birthday bike a couple of weeks ago after she got it.  She LOVES it and we were impressed with how quickly she could do it so well!

Big girl asleep last night...just before midnight and her third birthday.  I am that crazy stalker mom taking pictures of my daughter in her sleep.  Yes I am. 
Of her many gifts, her Dora shirt that says "Ready for a World Tour", seems most appropriate for the week ahead of us.
When Grace saw her dinosaur cake (which should get it's own blog, really) she said, "Thank you, Mama! I love it!" and gave me a big hug.  It was a labor of love (that my own mother helped me with) that took many hours and lots of concentration.  But I did make it and it made her happy all day long - so it was totally worth it!

Grace spent some time playing with her brother today.
 And reading the new books that Farmor sent her.
 She sang several songs throughout the day (including "Happy Birthday to Me!")...
...and was very excited when Nora, Sean, Molly & Auntie Meghan brought her a guitar to play with!
Then came our birthday party games.

First there was a "dinosaur egg" hunt.  I think this was the biggest hit of all the things we did.  She was really bummed when all the dinosaur eggs were found!

 Then we played "Pin the Tail on Swiper"...
 ...and had toy car races.

Next came an old-time favorite of Grace's...playing the invented game of "racquet balloon" (I think you'll find the rules of the game self-explanatory):
We followed up the games with a movie and the girls were all cuddly in Nene's bed!

Finally, it was time to EAT.

First pizza!

 Then, dinosaur cake and ice cream!

We ended the day with a dance party and after her cousins went home, Grace closed down the house with a little concert on her new guitar.

You only turn three once and she did it in style.  Happy birthday to our Super Gracie Girl!


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Ahh! I am catching up on blog posts from the last few weeks and absolutely adore Grace's face in the photo of her racing cars! - Michelle S.