Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 14, 2012 - Sibling Valentines

Grace and Noah are a serious duo-in-the-making.  Noah adores her.  Everything about her.  He walks to her in an all-out attack to give her a big hug (especially in the evening before bed) and doesn't even mind when she totally freaks out and runs away, dragging him behind her.  He is a sidekick to her superhero, although in time we'll see if those roles remain or reverse!  Grace loves Noah most of the time - except when he steals her cup (one of his favorite things to do) or goes in for one of his hug-attacks - and she tells him so often. She is always thinking about him and what he's doing.  She talks to him and bosses him around; sometime she mimics me so accurately in an attempt to parent him that she is also a mini-mother!  She is usually very sweet to her brother.

On Valentine's Day it is easy to remember romantic love, but today I choose to highlight pure, innocent sibling love [maybe because my romantic love is across the ocean in Tanzania right now - more on that later].  One of the cutest things this duo likes to do is "muscle" (we call it that, anyway) - or wrestle around on a bed or the floor.  Noah is a particular fan of rough-housing with his sister.  As you can see.

Thank you to Kristoffer for the beautiful flowers he sent and some delicious Godiva that he hid for me to find today.  An even bigger thank you, though, for these two crazy kids...who are a testament of love on Valentine's day, and every day.



Anonymous said...

Ahh! I LOVE Grace's little laugh!

- Michelle S!

TinaSakura said...

And the way she says Noah, Noah... it made my heart smile. Congratulations on those two and your new life in Dar! Louis is doing so much better, sleep is golden. Also for his mom and dad! And you KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT:-) Lots of hugs from us