Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 27, 2011 - Christmas Cheer

We had a VERY Merry Christmas!

The festivities began on the 23rd when we visited my Aunt Nina's house for a lovely dinner with some of my aunts, uncles and cousins (on my dad's side of the family).  Grace was psyched to hang out with her Godfather, my cousin Reid, and his brothers, Ben and Jon, were also excellent playmates.
On Christmas Eve we went to my Aunt Judy's to celebrate with my mom's side of the family.  We had a lovely dinner and went to a really nice Christmas Mass together.  Grace was very well-behaved and Noah didn't do too badly (although did end up in the sound proof baby room).  I especially love going to church on Christmas Eve, as a reminder of what the holiday is about.

We had time for a picture of all the smaller (second) cousins together...
...and for a family photo too!
Noah and Grace got into some brand new Christmas jammies and we headed to my sister Meghan's house to wait for Santa.
Auntie Meghan and Uncle Tim's tree was ready...
 ...and Molly made sure to leave a special note for Santa with snacks for him and his reindeer (and a picture of herself, of course).
Noah's first Christmas pile was generous...
 ...as was Grace's.  There was a lot of fun in store for them on Christmas.
Grace and the big kids were waiting patiently to come downstairs in the morning (OK, really Grace and Noah woke up in the basement before the big kids and Nora...but we snuck Grace upstairs to wait with the big kids so they could all come down together!).  
Noah was very happy with his Busytown Activity Center.  
It was a hit with Grace and Nora too!  
Grace got her beloved CAR SHOES!
But perhaps the biggest "hit" of the day was a special gift Kristoffer got Grace. He called it "instant joy."  For $10 at Staples, he bought Grace 30 feet of bubble wrap.  When she opened it - she was so excited!
She didn't open another gift for about 30 minutes, and all morning and throughout the day she kept going back to her bubble wrap.  It was hysterical!  She is a serious bubble popper!
The big kids had a fun Christmas morning as well and during the last few days have been super sweet with Grace and Noah.  Molly is an especially good helper!
There was a lot of fun playing with cousins and new toys during the day. 
It was really nice to be home with Nene and Pops this Christmas.  
We think they had a great day too!
We actually hung out with Auntie Meghan and the gang until today.  It has been a very fun, long Christmas weekend.  And, I think this happy little boy enjoyed his 
First Christmas very much!

We hope everyone else's Christmas was as special as ours was.

p.s. an extra special thank you to my sweet Santa who delivered that shiny, new amber necklace (above) and a shiny, new iPad! Wowee!

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