Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22, 2011 - Hold the Phone

Eleven months old? No way!

In the past month Noah has changed a lot.  He has two new teeth sticking out, he says the word "hi" with a bit more regularity and purpose, and on December 16th he took his first official steps.  He is not walking by any means, but he can take one or two steps (usually towards me!) when he really wants to.  He continues to be great at waving and clapping, loves music and dancing, and wants to be with the big kids when possible.  I'm also happy that he is still a bit of a Mama's boy - still looking to cuddle with me pretty regularly! 

Despite his sleep problems and the fact that he must be very tired, he remains so smiley and sweet. He is really a charming, happy boy.  He is not strange with strangers but also has favorite people that he loves, including Grace, regardless of how she treats him.  He increasingly tries to emulate exactly what he see her do, and his actions indicate that the wheels are turning fast inside that little head of his.

I can't believe our baby is almost one year.  I hope to treasure this last official month of his babyhood, because I know that someday soon I will really miss these sweet baby days.  Today's pictures feature Pops' old cell phone (which I put through the wash by accident so it no longer works) and the TV remote control.  It still looks like he's going to be a gadget guy!

 Scenes from his first week in America...


*Note: the sleep study went well. He had a terrible night so they should have gotten a lot of good data. And when it was all over, he was still smiling!  We are really hoping his surgery gets scheduled for next week or ASAP.

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Liv said...

I'm really looking forward to hear what's going to happen with Noahs tonsils. I have counted seconds up to 7 with Astas breath-breaks, but the problem seems to go away when the running nose is at a minimum(the snot never stops, but these days, we only need to wipe her nose in the mornings) and her upper body is elevated quite a bit. Still, she wakes up a couple of times during the night, and can't fall asleep on her own. On a bad night, she wakes up and wants to play. Then Hauge goes to the other room and let her play for about an hour and then she whines and wants to go to sleep again.
It can be worse though, it has only happened a few times, this night was one of them: Asta wakes up and plays but then can't be nursed back to sleep. She can't be rocked either thought she is very tired and whines a lot. I call her names because she has held us up from 3-5 am, but eventually I resign, get up and sit and bounce on a training ball for a long time till she finally can't hold her eyes open. I don't know if she is in pain because of her ears, where she has another infection. The dræn(a small tube that makes a hole in the eardrum) has kept her infektion free for month, but after snot came out for a few days after christmas and then something that looked like blood at newyears, we took her to the eardoctor again.
Well this ended up being a long complaint. I hope you feel, that you are not alone with the sleep issues.