Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 18, 2011 - Ode to Air France

Oh Air France, how I loathe thee,
You really are such a tease.
Our trip started out so great,
On our first flight the children slept straight.
The 4 1/2 hour layover in Paris wasn't so bad,
In fact, my husband bought me a massage - that made me so glad.

But then...

Our second flight was delayed for over one hour,
And we started to wish we could have a shower.
I was promised that I was sitting where Noah had a baby seat,
Only to find out that was not at all the case - what a treat!
Our seats weren't all together and this made me sad,
But the nice girl next to us gave her seat to Grace & Noah's dad.
8 hours on a plane with a boy on my lap,
Who couldn't sit still and barely took a nap.
But finally, finally, finally we landed on the ground,
And were happy to be in Boston until our luggage couldn't be found!

What's that you say, you lost 8 of our bags?
With almost a 6 hour layover you should have read the !@#$% tags!
ARGH, I tell you...between this trip and the last
We will NEVER FLY YOU AGAIN because you are surely not fast.

Happy Holidays to you, Air France, we hope you enjoyed our business,
Because if we can help it, it's the last time you will ever see us!


p.s. The kids were actually pretty amazing on the trip - as usual, actually! Noah was a squirmy worm but never cried and Grace did great until the last hour when she just desperately wanted to be off that plane (and boy did we agree with her)!  We did get our luggage and car seats the next night at 2 am and have been having a nice time with my family otherwise.  Jet lag in the kids seems just about gone and they are both over a brief 1/2 day long stomach bug they had.  Phew!

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