Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3, 2011 - Snow or Hail

We received a huge downpour yesterday: elephants and hippos (aka cats and dogs)! Our WFP driver Joseph and I were standing under a shed waiting for the rain to slow down before running to the car that was parked outside at a distance.  When it started hailing hard, like small stones, it set off car alarms and the sound made talking impossible. 
Joseph picked up one of the hailstones and said “Look! snow!” 
The hail finished and I said, “That is not snow, it is hail.” 
He looked at me, "What is snow then?" 
"Snow is soft," I told him, “like a feather.” 
"But it is wet, no?" he asked. “It is only wet when it has melted,” I explained. 
He struggled to understand. 
We ran to the car and drove off. In the car he asked, "After the snow season, you have a dry period?"  
I was struggling to explain. "Well you know, where I am from there is always rain. It rains every month….like Western Kenya." 
"But what about the cows? How do they survive the winter?" he wanted to know. 
"Oh, we keep them inside all winter." 
"What do you feed them then?" 
...and the conversation went on. 
I love these interactions; I realized that the concept of four seasons is very difficult to comprehend if not experienced.

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Anonymous said...

Four seasons?? Our primary geography teacher had a hard time convincing us that Europe etc experiences short/long days/nights. It obviously makes sense on paper but the experience is almost impossible to imagine unless you actually experience it.

On the flip side, I met an old woman in Europe who could not understand the concept of a black skinned person and called me over, spat on her jumper and tried to rub off my colour, It was all a bit funny and sweet as it was purely innocent curiosity.