Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 27, 2011 - First Week in Denmark

After surviving phase 1 of our move (Operation Leave Kenya) and our journey to Denmark and after having some nice days with Farmor and Hans, Grace got really, really sick with pneumonia this week.  She is not 100% yet, but is at least much, much better.  We nearly had her admitted to the hospital after she kept getting sicker, but somehow this morning her high fever broke and she just quickly started to improve.  I guess the second attemp with stronger antibiotics kicked in.  She is breathing easier and coughing less, and is generally much more herself.  PHEW.  It was a sad and scary few days, and we are very relieved that she is on the mend!

Noah is sleeping worse than a newborn (between the two of them, Kristoffer and I are not sleeping much at all), but is otherwise having a good time at Farmor's house. Nikoline and Josefine visited us this weekend; they are such wonderful cousins and I have nicknamed Nikoline "Rose Jr" because she is so great with Noah!  As you can see below, he looks very sweet and innocent.  But  I think that crate of beer knows better :)  SKÅL!

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